We are pleased to report that the issues preventing access to the contract system using the 'Standard User' and IP address have been resolved.

You will now be able to access the contract system as you could previously
In order to place an order or create an RFQ (Request For Quote), users are required to login. This is to ensure the correct companies, products and product pricing are shown to your institution and that orders can be linked to your account.
If your institution is set up for federated access you can log in using your standard username and password for your university network. If your institution is not listed below then this facility is not available to you, in which case please use login via uniBuy.

LOGIN via Institution

If your institution is not listed in the Login via Institution section, please log in here using Login via uniBuy

LOGIN via uniBuy

If you need assistance, please contact our team on:
Email: support@cloudbuy.com
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